What You Must Know About Motor Trade Insurance

One of the clients we did some design work for sells motor trade insurance. Learn a little bit more about it…

If you are involved in the buying or selling of cars, know that motor trade insurance is absolutely essential for you. This is because the insurance policy gives you security from monetary loss in difficult situations. This cover is imperative for everyone related to the motor industry regardless if it is small, medium or large. As every business is a little different to another, you will have to opt for the correct motor insurance policy for you and your business, keeping in mind your business requirements. Various policies have different covers and offerings.

There are primarily five categories of motor trade policies , namely third-party only, Fire and theft, Comprehensive, Liability and combined motor trading insurance. To get the most appropriate insurance, you need to know the requirements of your business. Once they are established, you can opt for a motor trading insurance that has the features you are looking for.

For certain concerns, it is essential to have the third party only motor trade policy of insurance as it is compulsory. Buyers, sellers, mobile tuners, and technicians must obtain third party only motor trade quote. On the other hand, Fire and theft motor trade insurances can also be obtained. It offers protection along with the third party only insurance. It means that you get cover in case of fire or theft.

Comprehensive motor’s trade insurances also offers similar features to the third party only policy. But, this type of insurance also presents cover for the repair of your car. In addition, it also provides replacement of the insured’s car for damage in any situation other than an accident.


Liability vehicle trade insurance, conversely, gives safety to your business by providing protection to the community. This category of motor trading insurance basically helps the employees. Furthermore, liability motor trading insurance is further divided into three categories. Public vehicle trade insurance, Employers and product motor trade policies and Sales and service indemnity motors trade insurance all fall into its sub categories.

It is worthwhile mentioning that many features and covers of all the kinds of motor trade insurances are somewhat the similar to each other. However, there are certain distinctions that make a particular policy more useful for your specific business than the other.

As it can be hard for you to select the perfect policy for your business needs, it is recommended to do undertake research before settling for one. Additionally, you can also speak with and take guidance from the experts in this field. The motor’s trade insurance professionals can guide you with various alternative policies and thus assist you in obtaining the ideal package for your business needs.

One very vital point is that before buying motor trading insurance, you should get multiple quotations from different insurance companies. This will help you with the price differences and the precise offerings as well. Although this may take some additional time it is surely worth it, as it will save you from wasting any money or from heading in the wrong decision.

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